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Our Technology

The Curify MiniLab is designed with pharmacists in mind. Our bespoke drug formulation platform enhances the process of drug compounding, bringing it into the digital era.

The MiniLab

The Curify MiniLab is a smart drug formulation platform, incorporating cutting-edge technology to redefine the drug compounding process.


By precisely forming perfectly tailored drugs, the MiniLab delivers medicines exactly suited to the patient, whatever size, shape and species they are.



Our technology can save up to 72% of manual compounding work.

We offer a complete compounding service for pharmacies and veterinarians

Simplified, digitized medicine personalization

Reduced opportunity for human error

Access to a full service on-demand drug manufacturing technology enabling quality controlled extemporaneous drug manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing saves resources and materials

Integrated quality control ensures compliant manufacturing – maintaining pharma-grade material quality, composition and shelf life

Reduced handling of APIs meaning less exposure to care givers and pharmacy personnel


Efficiency and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. By automating and streamlining the way personalized drugs are produced, our platform reduces drug waste.


Our technology is paving the way to sustainable drug compounding as we continue to work for a sustainable tomorrow


Want to bring the benefits of the MiniLab to your workflow? Get in touch with us to book a demo and see our platform in action

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