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Introducing Our Team - Interviewing Jenny Holländer, Head of R&D

Hi Jenny, tell us a bit about yourself!

It motivates me to help people and I guess that’s what got me into the pharmaceutical industry in the first place. During my years working in pharmacies, I was also manufacturing drugs on-demand. It was for sure time consuming and messy. But at the same time, it felt nice to know that the end result would cure patients. Patients with special needs, and they relied on my expertise. Compounding is declining, which I think is sad for the patients in need of those drugs.

When it comes to animal drugs, I saw a major increase in the pet category the past years. There’s definitely room for improvement and a need for better treatments in the segment. Some pets are treated with human drugs and side-effects are inevitable.

Why did you join Curify?

I have worked over 20 years in pharmacy and seen the daily challenges and struggles from a pharmacists point of view. When we worked together with Niklas on inventing the TailoredCure Technology, I was fascinated about the possibility to modernise compounding in pharmacies and the time saving potential for daily life in a hectic pharmacy.

Availability issues in raw materials are causing major headache for pharmacists. It’s hard to predict and manage the supply chain. Our concept aims to solve these problems over time. Changing an industry is of course a long and hard journey, but I know that our technology will be much appreciated by my colleagues.

I also think that the importance of pharmaceutical know-how – the expertise in manual drug manufacturing is sometimes forgotten. Take pandemics as an example – it’s utterly important that pharmacists have the capability and knowledge to produce drugs if needed. Our Medicine as a Service concept supports pharmacists to succeed and we shall not forget the personal responsibility they carry as part of their duties. I’m happy to be part of building this concept, which will make everyday life better for my colleagues as well as for the regulators.

What does a regular working day look like for you?

Most of my time I spend in our laboratory, where I develop our technology together with my team.

What is your favourite animal?

I have two cats and they are both extremely picky with their food. This is often a problem if they need medicine. It doesn’t help to fool them hiding pills in treats – they can immediately spot the pill from the treat.

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