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Introducing new technology to pharmacy students in Utrecht

We believe that it’s important for students to learn about new compounding technologies. In June 2022 CurifyLabs was happy to give a group of pharmacy students at the Utrecht University the opportunity to use our 3D-printing technology during a laboratory course and to learn how to apply this technology in pharmaceutical compounding.

The feedback we received was great and we’re especially happy to learn that the students found it easy to utilize our tech platform. One of the main goals with the project was to prove how simple it is to do automated compounding. The seamless adoption of this new technology was possible thanks to our digital onboarding process.

“The students had fun working with the printer. It was easy to work with and the manuals and instructions were clear. They were ready the first day!” – Tamanna Lashkari, student group supervisor from Utrecht University, Faculty of Pharmacy.

Pharmacy students working with CurifyLabs 3D-printer at the Utrecht University.

The students at the Utrecht University were happy to learn about innovative technology and we were pleased to see that the next generation of pharmacists are innovators who want to bring better quality control to off-label manufacturing. It’s clear that new ways of ensuring medication safety resonates with young students entering the pharma industry and pharmacy profession. They want to utilize their years of studies in doing good to patients and solving unmet needs. Simply selling over-the-counter products in community pharmacies can turn out boring, for someone who has spent years studying the complex and intriguing world of pharma. This is why we at CurifyLabs are happy to enable not only better medication safety and quality in compounding, but also proud and happy to support pharmacists to utilize their full potential as pharmacy professionals!

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