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The CurifyLabs Team

Our passion for creating meaningful change for our clients is what sets us apart. The CurifyLabs team is made up of individuals from a diverse range of disciplines, each contributing their extensive experience and specialist expertise to make digitized, sustainable drug compounding a reality.


Charlotta Topelius

CEO and Founder


A passionate serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in building brands offline and online. Dedicated to enabling innovation with her business expertise, Charlotta is managing the commercial side of Curify. Charlotta is also a mother and an animal lover, being the proud owner to an Icelandic horse and Coton de Tulear dog.


Niklas Sandler Topelius

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


Niklas is an innovative pharmaceutical scientist and has worked in academia and business-orientated roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2010 his research has focused on printed drugs, putting him at the forefront of developments in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing. Niklas is currently the CTO at Nanoform. He is also a Dad, cat lover and the proud founder of the Finnish Chessboxing Club.

Mikko Lehto



Mikko has a strong background in embedded development and supports CurifyLabs with his seniority in software development. His projects have taken him from OS porting to Linux soundservers. He’s done GPS tracking application with DSP hardware and Linux kernel audio drivers. He’s written code for automotive industry. Besides having extensive experience in embedded space, full stack development is no stranger to him. He has even done AR/VR mobile apps. Mikko’s motto is "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" from Agile Manifesto.


Marcus Kevin



Marcus has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate law, specializing in M&A. He also has expertise in taxation, intellectual property rights and assisting clients in transactions and registrations of trademarks, both locally and internationally.


Visa Kuittinen

Finance - Board Advisor

Visa has 20 years of experience in finance working with a diverse variety of businesses, from start-ups and growth companies to TOP30 corporations in Finland. Through holding positions including CFO, finance advisor and auditor roles, he has amassed a wide range of expertise insight into the economic and business landscape. Visa is also a pet lover and German Shepherd dogs have been part of the Kuittinen family for decades.


Anni Saukkonen

Customer Success Manager 

Anni is a pharmacist with experience in both communal pharmacies and the international pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. She feels very passionately about the potential of personalized medicine to change patients’ lives for the better. Her years abroad in the US and the UK have made her appreciative of the importance of effective collaboration of brilliant minds to make a real difference in the world. At Curify, Anni is acting as the link between R&D and clients, supporting our business and technological development. In her spare time, she enjoys training and exercising with her 6-year-old White Shepherd dog, Fredi.


Sari Airaksinen

Head of Pharmaceutical Development

Sari has a PhD in Pharmaceutical technology from the University of Helsinki. She has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked as a formulation scientist in a broad range of roles. Sari has worked at Fimea, the Finnish Medicines Agency and is both an experienced project manager and lecturer. Sari’s dogs think that the early bird catches the worm so she is used to early morning starts!


Christoph Gansauge

Sales Director

After studying chemistry at the university of Tuebingen, Christoph first worked as a Sales Representative and Key Account Manager at AstraZeneca, Allergan and Boehringer Ingelheim in the hospital sector. Since 2005 Christoph has been working as national and international sales manager and sales director for E.Merck, Covidien, IGEA GmbH, Thermo Fisher Scientific and inventicsDx GmbH in the fields of neonatology, infectiology, oncology, diagnostics and NGS.


Toni Ristola

Lead Systems Architect


Toni has worked for almost two decades with software development and engineering in several industries.

He has a proven track record with multiple dev projects, ranging mobile apps to large scale data collection. Regarding his favorite stack, he has a quick answer: react-native on the frontend and hasura on the backend. When he’s not coding, Toni loves cooking, getting involved in the tech scenes and keeping his hands busy with several React Finland conferences.


Ilja Zaletov

Full-Stack Developer

Ilja works in our Engineering team with focus on software development and he brings some magic to our team as he has experience both from software development and the pharmaceutical field. Ilja studies at Haaga-Helia University and he has worked some years in a pharmacy as technical staff. Ilja loves dogs and he has two Shetland sheepdogs, Luca and Taika.


Joakim Pyyry

Technical Advisor 

Joakim is an xpert in software technology, medical device product development and medical physics algorithms with three decades of experience in various engineering and leadership roles. Lead international teams developing state of the art patented innovations in the field of radiotherapy with application of high-performance computing and advanced machine learning algorithms. Very knowledgeable in product development practices, processes and compliance with medical device regulations, quality management and international safety standards

Julius Lahtinen

Collage 2022-04-06 15_32_28.jpg

Pharmaceutical Development

Julius is supporting pharmaceutical formulation development both in the lab and at our clients. Julius is an aspiring Pharmaceutical Master's student at the University of Helsinki with a passion for drug development. His interests are in Pharmaceutical biosciences, especially in formulation, targeted drug delivery, and nanomedicine technologies. Julius enjoys sports, especially boxing and he used to play floorball when he was younger. 

Soumya Verma

Pharmaceutical Development

Soumya has a Master's degree in Pharmacy and she has 4 years of experience working as a formulation scientist in Pharmaceutical companies in India. She is passionate about bringing effective solutions in patient care and is deeply interested in innovative drug delivery concepts. In her spare time she loves to cycle, swim, bake and read. 

IMG_7023_2 Soumya.jpg

Ramji Rathod

Quality Control

Ramji has a master degree in Pharmacy (Quality Assurance) and pursuing Ph. D (Pharmaceutical sciences) with over several years of experience in Bioanalysis of Pharmaceutical formulation, Metabolomics, Analytical development of APIs and Formulation as well Pharmaceutical reference standard development in pharmaceutical analytical Laboratory complying Good Laboratory Practice standard. He has also work as a scientist for Govt. pharmaceutical reference standardization organization and gained Regulatory affairs experience in MD/IVD through serve as an Inspector (CSDCO- Indian Licensing authority). Ramji is trained as Internal auditor for NABL (Indian ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation body, member of APLAC and ILAC) and served as Deputy Quality Manager in ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited Pharmaceutical testing laboratory.


Farnaz Shokraneh

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Farnaz is a pharmacist with more than 8 years experiences in pharmaceutical industry. She has a thorough understanding of how quality systems can govern and improve lean, efficient, and productive GMP operations. Expert in the managing of global GMP audits, QMS, facility design, validation, procurement & qualification of the pharmaceutical equipment and utility systems.

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