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How it works

The Curify MiniLab is a drug formulation platform, incorporating cutting-edge technology to redefine the drug compounding process in pharmacies and hospital pharmacies.

The MiniLab

Removing the guesswork from manual compounding and automating the personalized medicine formulation process, the MiniLab produces high-quality, compliant drugs that meet the individual needs of the patient every time.


We offer a full service concept for pharmacies including 3D printer, pharmaceutical formulation development, quality control and end packaging. Everything you need to manufacture drugs extemporaneously in your pharmacy.  

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From prescription to production, the MiniLab streamlines the drug compounding workflow, improving efficiency and saving time for pharmacists. Our user-friendly platform turns pharmacy compounding into a digital experience, removing the need for manual paperwork to enhance efficiency.

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The MiniLab produces the medicine to the exact prescription, using sophisticated 3D printing technology. This enables complete control over the composition of the drug, including taste and dosage form, helping to produce the perfect treatment for each patient.

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Quality control systems built into the platform ensure a safe and compliant product is produced every time.

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By printing directly into blister packs, the MiniLab removes the need for manual handling of medicines, reducing opportunities for contamination and improving drug safety.

With all of these features, the Curify MiniLab seamlessly supports you throughout the drug compounding workflow, enabling you to get your patients the medicines they need faster.

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