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Personalized Medicine

Many of today’s drug treatments are suboptimal

When individualized treatments are not available, patients may be treated ineffectively or sometimes not treated at all.


The pharma industry uses capital-intensive processes to produce large volumes of tablets that are identical in dose, shape and size.


Yet this uniformity may be unsuitable for treating many patient populations – including pets, children and the elderly – resulting in undesirable side effects and poor treatment efficacy

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This challenge can be overcome by using automated small-scale manufacturing to produce personalized medicines for niche patient groups. There are many talented pharmacists who are able to do this, but current manufacturing methods are not optimal for a busy pharmacy.

Our solution - the Curify MiniLab

This is why Curify has developed an automated digital technology we call the MiniLab – a compounding concept for pharmacies that saves time and delivers patients exactly what they need in dose, taste and form factor.


Learn more about the MiniLab and book a demo today

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